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Nail Fungus No More Review

#4 Nail Fungus No More Review

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Approval Rating: 74.3%

Product Claims:

Nail Fungus No More is produced by Forces of Nature which also produce a number of other products using similar ingredients. Its main ingredients comprise of clove oil and geranium. It is a natural product proven to be safe and without side effects. (click here for a ingredient comparison) Nail Fungus No More is an expensive treatment starting at 69.95 for a 33ml bottle (11ml should be considered a trial amount).

Nail Fungus No More is all natural and organic. Different than other products that you brush on, Nail Fungus No More is a product that you drop onto your nail and rub it in. We found this method less hygienic than others as nail fungus can spread from your toenails to your fingernails. If you use this product or any that you apply with your fingers, don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards of you could transfer the fungus. They have both a regular strength formulation and a extra strength. It was well tolerated and well received by the people who purchased this product. Unfortunately, they lacked in good customer service. The Customer support representatives were not knowledgeable about the product, and had to look up everything, even what the product was used for. There was no feeling that they could help with customer concerns.


This product is expensive for an all natural essential oil blend. The have a small bottle at 11ml for less, but we found that amount to be ineffective in treating nail fungus. Although nail Fungus No More has potential, we feel that there are other more effective products that can be found at a much better price.

Our Conclusion:

Nail Fungus No More worked well for some of the people who used it, although we had diffeiculty evaluating the ingredients. If they were able to add some of the key anti-fungal ingredients and reduce the price considerably we would give it a better rating. Nail Fungus No More was one of the most expensive of the nail fungus treatments.

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1. Undecylenic Acid, USP check-mark20% check-mark10%
2. Manuka Oil Horse-Chestnut-check-mark
3. Tea Tree Oil Ginger-root-check-mark Ginger-root-check-mark Ginger-root-check-mark Ginger-root-check-mark Ginger-root-check-mark
4. Almond Oil Butchers-Broom-check-mark Butchers-Broom-check-mark
5. Aloe Barbadensis Blonde-Psyllium-check-mark
6. Vitamin E Vitamin E-check-mark Vitamin E-check-mark
7. Clove Flower Oil Clove Flower Oil-check-mark Clove Flower Oil-check-mark Clove Flower Oil-check-mark
8. Jojoba Oil Jojoba Oil-check-mark Jojoba Oil-check-mark
9. Black Walnut Oil Oak-Straw-check-mark
10. Lemongrass Oil Lemongrass-Oil-check-mark Lemongrass-Oil-check-mark Lemongrass-Oil-check-mark Lemongrass-Oil-check-mark Lemongrass-Oil-check-mark
11. Propolis Extract Propolis Extract-check-mark
12. Menthol Oil Menthol Oil-check-mark
13. Lavender Oil Lavender Oil-check-mark Lavender Oil-check-mark Lavender Oil-check-mark
14. Camphor Oil Cascara-Sagrada-check-mark
15. Palmarosa Oil Palmarosa-Oil-check-mark
16. Rose Geranium Rose-Geranium-Oil-check-mark
17. Thymol Oil Thymol-Oil-check-mark