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Nail Fungus Treatments

Our Top 5 Nail Fungus Treatments:

Our readers asked us to find the best nail fungus treatments available, so we evaluated scores of nail fungus treatment options, and found the top five nail fungus remedies. Discover below the top rated nail fungus treatments on the market and which one took home the editor’s choice award. The editors hand picked and selected the top five nail fungus treatments based on a wide range of important factors:
  • 1. Effectiveness
  • 2. Speed of Results
  • 3. Quality of Ingredients
  • 4. Product Safety
  • 5. Customer Service
  • 6. Customer Feedback
  • 7. Reorder Rate
  • 8. Return Policy
  • 9. Success Rate
Top 5 Nail Fungus Treatments Clear Fungus Review Zeta Clear Review h-nail-fungus-review dermisil-review
Best Nail Fungus Treatments ClearFungus More Info
ZetaClear More Info
Nail-Rx More Info
Heal Nail Fungus More Info
H-Nail Fungus
Dermisil More Info
Price (1 bottle)
Price (4 bottles)*
(*best value)
Overal Rating: 97.6% 79.3% 76.7% 74.3% 61.9%
1. Effectiveness nail fungus stars nail fungus stars nail fungus stars nail fungus stars nail fungus stars
2. Speed of Results Fastest Fast Average Average Slow
3. Ingredients Quality Superior Good Good Unknown ok
4. Product Safety Safe to Use Safe to Use Safe to Use Safe to Use Safe to Use
5. Customer Service nail fungus stars nail fungus stars nail fungus stars nail fungus stars nail fungus stars
6. Customer Satisfaction 98.1% 79.8% 75.2% 73.3% 61.1%
7. Reorder Rate Highest Good Good Average Average
8. Return Policy Risk Free Restock Fee Risk Free Risk Free Risk Free
9. Success Rate 97.3% 77.3% 73.2% 75.1% 62.2%

Review of Nail Fungus Treatments:

Best Nail Fungus Treatments (in priority order):

#1 Fungavir – More Information

Fungavir Nail Fungus Treatment Review

More Info

Approval Rating: 98.4% (based on ingredient research)

Product Claims:  

Fungavir’s solution is our clear winner, consisting of double the amount of potent anti-fungal ingredients which have been researched and proven to eliminate nail fungus and their symptoms.  Most consumers were very happy with the results, saying it was faster than other products they had tried in the past. Fungavir clears up all types of nail fungus from yeasts and molds to dermatophytes. And can be used with nail fungus that had been around for years or a new growth. Customers said that the price was low and that the amount in a small bottle was high. Fungavir does not have any known side effects which are associated with prescription drugs. Fungavir is easy to use and absorbs quickly into the nail and surrounding skin. Results are seen after only a few weeks, although it will take longer for the new nail to grow back.

Fungavir has created a true nail fungus killer with Fungavir, combining some of the most powerful anti-fungal ingredients into one solution. Some of the ingredients are also used by other products, but we found that the quantity and combination in Fungavir was more powerful and had more of the major components. Customer Service at Fungavir was also the top of its class. The representatives were helpful and knowledgeable and seemed genuinely concerned.

Fungavir is formulated in a laboratory that is FDA-registered and GMP certified, which is held to strict standards of quality assurance. There are no unwanted side effects, and it has been found safe for use by both men and also women of any age. Nail Fungus sufferers can feel confident in this nail fungus treatment as it boasts a 100% money back guarantee.


The real value of Fungavir is in the package deals. Fungavir offers 2 bottles of Fungavir free if you order 2 bottles, which comes to $24.95 a bottle for 4 bottles. For $25 a treatment and guaranteed results, you cannot find a better deal.  And Fungavir offers a 60 day guarantee for your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

Our Conclusion:

Fungavir is our editor’s choice for the number one nail fungus treatment. We found Fungavir to be very effective, well absorbed, and easy to use with superior ingredients to the competition. Consumers rated the product as one that they were very satisfied with. The price is affordable, especially considering the package deals. The claims made on the web site were accurate and the product works well.

#2 ZetaClearMore Information

Approval Rating: 79.3%

Product Claims:

Zetaclear is a good product with a lot of key ingredients. It contains the strongest key ingredient, although it has only half the amount of our top pic. (click here for a ingredient comparison) ZetaClear’s oral treatment is considered a homeopathic product. There is an oral spray and topical oil. The spray is supposed to get absorbed into the blood stream when it is sprayed under the tongue a few times a day. Our research did not find that this was very helpful. The topical solution was more helpful and consumers liked it but it takes some time to work. The 6 major ingredients are well researched and do help with clearing the fungal infection.

We would like to see ZetaClear add more key ingredients to make their product more effective. Also the percentage of key ingredients should be raised. They were not as knowledgeable on nail fungus and how their product work when calling customer support. Also the hold time was excessive.


Although it includes both a spray and a topical solution, the $49.95 cost was more expensive. Also consider that the topical solution is what will actually work and not the oral spray. They have a $10.00 restocking fee and do not accept any used or open bottles. So, once you try the product, you cannot return it if it does not work for you.

Our Conclusion:

Zetaclear is a good product, particularly the topical solution. It is effective for those willing to wait and if you like having a homeopathic spray this was the only product like that. Some of there major drawbacks are their customer service and their return policy. If ZetaClear included more potent anti-fungal ingredients and improved their customer service and return policy it could gain some more points.

#3 Nail-RxMore Information

Approval Rating: 76.7%

Product Claims:

Nail-Rx is produced by Native Remedies which produces a few other products as well. It is a natural product proven to be safe and without side effects. It uses a combination of all natural, herbal ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Lavender and Clove oil. Nail-Rx is used more for promoting healthy nails than clearing the fungus as noted on their website and customer service calls.

It seems to promote new growth as well, yet it only contains four ingredients and lacks in some of the main anti fungal ingredients. (click here for a ingredient comparison) It was well tolerated and well received by the people who purchased this product. Unfortunately, they lacked in good customer service. The Customer support representatives were not knowledgeable about the product, and had to look up everything, even what the product was used for. There was no feeling that they could help with customer concerns.


One bottle sells for $47.95, which might be considered high. The main thing to consider is you are only getting four ingredients in this product, which is high for that price. They have one of the best return policies.

Our Conclusion:

Nail-Rx is an expensive product for the formulation. It lacks in the key anti-fungal ingredient and only contains 4 ingredients. Their customer service team was not knowledgeable on the product. We would like to see an improved formulation and more helpful customer service.

#4 H-Nail FungusMore Information

Approval Rating: 74.3%

Product Claims:

H-Nail Fungus is produced by Healing Natural Oils which also produce a number of other products using similar ingredients. Its main ingredients comprise of melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) and lavendula angustifolia (Lavander Oil). It is a natural product proven to be safe and without side effects. (click here for a ingredient comparison) H-Nail Fungus is an expensive treatment starting at 69.95 for a 33ml bottle (11ml should be considered a trial amount as its not enough to be effective).

H-Nail Fungus is all natural, yet different than other products that you brush on, H-Nail Fungus is a product that you drop onto your nail and rub it in. We found this method less hygienic than others as nail fungus can spread from your toenails to your fingernails. If you use this product or any that you apply with your fingers, don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards of you could transfer the fungus. They have both a regular strength formulation and a extra strength. It was well tolerated and well received by the people who purchased this product. Unfortunately, they lacked in good customer service. The Customer support representatives were not knowledgeable about the product, and had to look up everything, even what the product was used for. There was no feeling that they could help with customer concerns.


This product is expensive for an all natural essential oil blend. The have a small bottle at 11ml for less, but we found that amount to be ineffective in treating nail fungus. Also considering the small amount of ingredients, we’re not sure why its priced so high. Although H-Nail Fungus has potential, we feel that there are other more effective products that can be found at a much better price.

Our Conclusion:

H-Nail Fungus worked well for some of the people who used it, but does not contain enough key anti-fungal ingredients to make it effective for everyone. If they were able to add some of the key anti-fungal ingredients and reduce the price considerably we would give it a better rating. H-Nail Fungus was one of the most expensive of the nail fungus treatments.

#5 Dermisil More Information


Approval Rating: 62.1%

Product Claims:

Dermisil is different than the others in that there are only 2main ingredients, alpha-terpinene-4-ol, which is tea trea oil, and cineo which is lemongrass oil. Most of the other products evaluated contained many more key ingredients. (click here for a ingredient comparison) In addition to the topical solution, they also sell a soap, and formula of capsules that they say “support a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria”. But the products they sell on their website are sold for other problems besides nail fungus. It was hard to see how the 2 ingredients could do the trick. They sell a wide variety of products on their website.


Dermisil is priced at $49.95 a bottle. If you also order the soap and capsules, it was $79.95. It seems a little expensive for what you are getting, when the other products were also more effective. We recommend reading their return policy as it was too complicated to try to sum up here.

Our Conclusion:

We would like to see more ingredients and stronger anti-fungal ingredients in this product. Although they offer some package deals we feel that its important to stay focussed on the core ingredients. If they improved their return policy and ingredient make-up they could gain in the rankings.

All products reviewed are natural, non-prescription treatments.