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Onychoschizia – Split Nails

Onychoschizia – Split Nails

Onychoschizia is a condition in which the nail split or falls apart easily. Typically people who have Onychoschizia have nails that are very fragile, squashy, and thin or that have funny “crumple” lines. Sufferers are more prone to nail infections. Onychoschizia is most commonly found in women.

What Causes Onychoschizia?

  • Long periods of being submerged in water or chemical baths
  • Poor nutrition
  • Vitamin Deficits
  • Applying nail polish remover
  • Stress

How to Deal With Onychoschizia

  • Wear protective gloves whenever working with chemicals (household or otherwise) or immersing hands in water for a long period of time.
  • Use ointments or lotions that contain alpha hydroxyl acid, for instance, Lanolin or Neostrata, especially after washing your hands and/or feet
  • Do not use your fingernails to dial a telephone or to type as the repeated stress will cause your nails to break
  • Pay attention to how people with healthy fingernails treat them
  • Wear gloves during the winter to help protect your nails from possible infection
  • Trim and file your nails to a nice shape at the tip so that there is less risk of breakage.
  • Do not buff the bulk of the nail as this can strip away necessary protective layers
  • Taking biotin in 2.4 milligram doses as a daily supplement can help with healthy nail growth. Please note: this should not be done by women who are pregnant.
  • Including a daily dose of Knox Gelatin, mixed with fruit juice, every day can help to increase nail strength.
  • Taking nutritional supplements to help increase healthy nail growth
  • Wearing nail polish with nylon fiber can help to strengthen and protect the nail.